Thursday, October 22, 2009

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

huh..its been a long..long time since i last blogging...not that i didnt bake any..juz dat i was too lazy to type..huk3..well,during my hibernation period(shud i called myself hybernating?4get it),i did bake a few cupcakes.1stly,i made chocolate and peanut butter cupcake(well,same like the one down here)but with much2 more peanuts for Karate's movie night.2ndly,i did bake plain cupcakes with chocolate buttercream(same wit the older post except for the fact that i put on m&m's on top for deco)for Medcy's Birthday Celebration.Expectedly,weird things always happen whenever i bake.As for the 1st cupcakes,well,i pour in the wrong milk cuz the high fat one was run out of stocks(i was too lazy to go to other shops)As for the second cupcakes,i replaced icing sugar with caster sugar..hahha..can u imagine dat?the sugars stick in between my teeth rather than melting in my mouth!haha..wat a bad impression to the other Medcy's commitees.Well,enough of those cupcakes which i didnt even thought of including them in this blog.What i wanna share here is my latest cupcakes.DOUBLE CHOCOLATE.nyum2....well,what makes me bake them at the 1st place?Boredom staying at home lah..duh??!!well,it was on d 1st week of sem4's break...on friday to b precise...monday earlier of the week,ice skating wif karatekas.tuesday,shopping wif n thurs,did nothing but medcy works and reading cecilia ahern's if u cud see me now.friday..baking!!!(as if i bake 4 d whle day) night i reserved myself for KBSworld or 8tv.yup..friday!!i went to d bakery shop and grab everytink needed to bake these cupcakes(well,not evrytink..juz d white choco..d rest i still ada at home)so yea..bake lah...nothing weird happened xcpt i poured in xtra whipping cream and made my ganache very runny and milky...haha..i planned to baked only 24 but since i've put in xtra here n there it comes out to be 30 chocolicious cupcakes.hehe...what to do?haha,,,well,my mom dont eat sweet stuffs,so she juz took older bro took 3 i fanatic young cute younger brother had about 6??!!!haha..well,hes a true fan of my cuppies.and i had only so many left lor!!dat nite it happened that i msged wif my bestie,Moon.She told me that shes going to Langkawi island the week after.Gosh Langkawi!!i envy her.Despite the fact that i tried hard to convince my father to take me there too,or at least Malacca(my fav state in malaysia).Nothing could change his mind.And my head surrounds wif sooo much of jealousy over the fact that Moon will be going for 1 week holiday at one of Malaysia's top holiday i myself planned to go backpcking to penang(my 2nd fav state)haha..wif Alya of cuz!!(my futsal mate).S..the nex monday we headed to Butterworth by train n i brought 8 ofthese cuppies along.(what a great way to finish it up)So,alya(another fan of my cuppies)had 5!!haha...n i gave 2 cuppies to the talkative ipoh-rians besides our seat in the train and the last one for me..N guess wat??they love them n asked if i bake for living!! so happy to hear that.They even asked for the recipe(well,i didnt quite remember n was afraid i might told them d wrong one)So i told them i dont remember at all..huhu..Well,our trip??so much fun!!!!!!we visited so many places in 2 days time by using public transport 100%ly(mind u,penang has good transportation system!)Among the places we visited include Padang Kota,Batu Fringghi(gosh,i had sunburn),Gurney Drive,Penang Hill and Botanical Garden(dying to even get to tis place..2 ours of walking u noe!!) jap..kluar topic..i supposed to tal bout cuppies oni here..haha..Kay2...enough.if anyone intrested to know on how to make DOUBLE CHOCOLATE cupcakes,just msg me.i'll mail u the full version.hohoho..okay... 2moro im going to make a saddy cuppies(for myself who just checked sem4's devastated results) and graduation cuppies(for my aunty).yea 2molo..okayh..i gtg..

xoxo,(budgt gossip girl)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ch0c0late n peanut butter.

Cheesy n yummy.This is my 8th cupcakes and the 2nd for tis week.These cupcakes are also known as Thanks n goodbye cupcakes.Simply baked for my aunty and uncle and my 5 months old cousin who will b heading to JB 2nite.Well,they have been taking care 4 us(me n my bro)4 a week now.And 2moro!yeah 2moro!the day when my parents will b back.(cant wait 4 jubah from egypt).wuwu..i Even baked xtra 12 cupcakes since kak noli came this morning and she managed to grab 6(topless) cupcakes!!.haha..she juz not lucky enough to have them with cheesy n creamy frosting as she was so deeply in shopping mood.(serve u right!)To be frank,there were a lot of accidents happened while making these Thanks n goodbye cupcakes.First,i over heated the butter in d oven(it took so long to melt in room temperature).Then,i put an xtra teaspoon of baking powder(self raising flour dah habis).As a result,i had to alter almost everything else from flour to sugar to butter,to cocoa.hak3....But luckily my tounge are used to the taste of nice cupcakes that altering the ingredients quantities were not dat hard.Lastly,OMG!there were not enough peanut butter in the fridge.FYI,i juz used half of what required and compensate the peanut butter with salted butter instead of unsalted butter and added super xtra icing sugar..hehe..I thought it was going to be the worst cupcakes until my aunty took 2 cakes in one go..She said it taste better than the coffee and walnut cupcakes i had made b4.So,what else?happiness!!!!hooray!!I noe im a gud baker(at least,that wat they said 2 me)huk3...Here is the recipe and hope you people will give it a try(i know i dun hav any follower yet,but i believe one day people will appreciate what i put on this blog)Pls enjoy:
For the cupcakes
.125g butter,softened
.125g caster sugar
.2 medium eggs
.2 tbsp milk
.100g self raising flour
.3 level tbsp cocoa
For the frosting
.200g cream cheese
.60g unsalted butter,softened
.125g smooth peanut butter
.125g icing sugar
For the decoration
.36 chocolate-coated peanuts(i used chocolate chips instead)
  1. Preheat the oven to 190 c
  2. Beat together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.Add the eggs,milk and sift over the flour and cocoa,then beat until the mixture is smooth.Divide between paper cases and bake in the centre of oven until the cakes have risen and are just firm to touch in the centre.(It will takes about 12 to 15 mins)
  3. Remove the cakes from the oven and transfer them to a wire rack to cool.
  4. To make the frosting,beat the cream cheese to soften it,then add the butter and beat until smooth.Gradually beat in the icing sugar until the frosting is lioght and fluffy.
  5. Spread some frosting over each cake,and decorate with three chocolate-coated peanuts.

*If you prefer a more chunky texture then use crunchy peanut butter rather than the smooth type.Leave the cupcakes to refrigerate will make them taste like the cheesecakes u bought from your neighbourhood bakery.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well,i've made tis blondies on 21st march 09' actually.A pale version of a Brownie,these cupcakes have a butterscotch-like flavour.
Short sem is a pretty boring sem though.So making blondies have kinda filled up my boring weekend at home.This blondies was sooo easy to make that u neednt even need a mixer to bake one!For those who are new,this blondies is worth trying!
This recipe makes 12 standatrd-size cupcakes:
For the cupcakes
.125g soft light brown sugar
.125g butter,softened
.2 medium eggs
.Few drops of vanilla extract
.125g self-raising floor
For the topping .
100g plain chocolate drops
.125g chopped mix nuts
  1. Preheat the oven to 190 C.
  2. Heat the sugar and butter in a pan over agentle heat,stirring until the sugar has dissolved.Remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool slightly.Stir in the eggs,one at a time and then add the vanilla extract.Fold in the flour and then divide between the paper cases.
  3. For the topping,sprinkle over the chocolate drops and nuts and press lightly into the mixture.Bake in the centre of the oven for 18-20 mins until the cakes have risen and are just firm to the touch in the centre.

Plain cupcake with chocolate buttercream

This is the easiest yet finger licking cupcakes one can ever make!Again,it was created due to boredom staying at home.Shopping,watching dramas and movies,reading story books and chatting are nothing compared to baking cupcakes!The joy of seeing family and friends who ate these cupcakes has made me realised Y my mom prefer spending her time in kitchen rather than decorating our house.It also tells me Y my chemistry F5 tutor,Mr.Kannan always baked the same chocolate moist cupcakes evrytime we had intensive class.Its the JOY!the JOY of seeing others eating what you made.Sometimes,even if the taste is not up to the par,people still eats them(exclude the smile) because of all your hard work!and thats more than enough to light up your day!.So far,i baked cupcakes because i've got nothing else to do(study doesnt count).But now i have this weird feeling of guilt if i dont bake cupcakes every weekend.I guess,these happen because baking cupcakes has been part of my routine that missing them feels as though as you missed your lecture,your karate practice or brushing your teeth!Well,i think its my responsibility to share the recipe with you guys since i've been talking too much about it.So here how it goes:
For the cupcakes
.125g butter,softened
.125g custar sugar
.2 medium eggs
.125g self raising floor
.2 Tbsp milk
For the frosting
.175g butter,softened
.4 level Tbsp cocoa
.3 Tbsp boiling water
.350g icing sugar
.Few drops of vanilla extract
  1. Preheat the oven to 190 C
  2. Beat together the butter and sugar in abowl until light and fluffy.Add the eggs,flour and milk to the bowl and beat until the mixture is smooth.Divide the mixture between paper cases and bake in the centre of the oven until the cakes have risen and are just firm to the touch in the centre.The standard-size cupcakes will take about 12 to 15 minutes and the mini cakes will take 10 to 12 minutes.
  3. While waiting for the cupcakes to cook,do the frosting by beating the butter in a bowl to soften it.Tip the cocoa into separate bowl,add the boiling water to it and mix it to a paste,then add it to the butter and add the icing sugar and vanilla extract and beat until the icing is very smooth.
  4. Remove the cakes from the oven and transfer them to a wire rack to cool.
  5. Once the cupcakes have cooled,apply the frosting.

Chocolate chip cupcakes

Chocolate chips!!!who doesnt love them?well,my mom doesnt.but who cares as long as i love them!These cupcakes are not only easy to be made,but it is made to impress others!huhu..Well,this is my first creation(first cupcake),in fact this is the first time i tried my hands on baking!haha..How it tastes?well,u've got to try them out yourself by clicking the site below:

Coffee and walnut cupcake

This the 7th cupcakes i've made to date.
I've made thic cupcakes due to boredom again!haha...Well,actually,im kinda miss my mom whose having a "honeymoon"at Africa(egypt).haha..My mom had always asked me to bake coffee based cupcakes and well,i refused to make them coz my brother hates coffee!(he's a fan of my cupcakes and i dont want to hurt him)But when i went to the baking shop this evening,the shop assistant told me that soured cream is not available(i planned to make vaniila cheesecake earlier).So,these coffee and walnut cupcakes pop up my mind and i just knew that i could make one since i have evrythings needed to make them at home except the walnut.So,what i did was i grabed a packet of walnut and headed to the cash counter.And here they are,Coffee and walnut cupcakes!It tastes so good that my brother who hates coffee have 2 full cups at one go.(this is how i rated my own cupcakes.hehe)Well,to be frank,this cupcakes is not easy to make as there are a lot of steps required.From whisking the walnut and flour to dissolving the coffee granules,these cupcakes test my patience on baking.For those who would love to try this out,well,just wait for KARATE's AGM 09/10.(cfs iium P.J.)cheers~